“Z” Quest

It’s 1987. The Cold War erupted leading to a nuclear fallout of massive proportion. However, the enemy used a secret weapon. Plague bombs. These bombs not only leveled entire cities and spread destruction far and wide, but spread special radiation that caused the dead to rise. Most major cities throughout the West were destroyed, and much of the country is in ruins. The military was the first to be compromised as they rushed to fight in and aid the most dangerous zones.

You have survived. Somehow.

The party has been holed up in an isolated farmhouse in Fairville, Virginia. The building’s fortification is slowly being whittled away by undead attacks and radstorms, and the group is running low on food and supplies. They have a short wave radio and received a several fuzzy transmissions urging survivors to head to various safe spots.

Player Resources

Player’s Guide – Everyone will need this to make characters.

Firearm Rules for RQ6

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