One-offs & Mini Campaigns

E01 and E02 "Two Brothers" & E03 "Blue-on-blue"
The party begins to get their bearings in Fairville, and suffers their first losses.

E01 – E02 “Two Brothers”

The group organizes an expedition into town for supplies, which are running low. They have little remaining food, only a couple weapons, and a beater Plymouth van. A stranger appeared coming westbound from the broken road outside of the farmhouse. The stranger gave a name when the party called to him —CAMERON, a stranded road tripper all the way from California. The group agrees to CAMERON joining them for the time being.

So, the group gathers corn feed from the silo across the road and heads westbound into the breaches of town. They discover a hardware store and small convenience corner store. Near the corner store, the truck JOAN saw in E00 was parked idle with the keys still in the ignition. MAX grabbed the keys. A young teenage boy was found inside the corner store, who was startled when MAX breached the front door.

The boy revealed that his younger brother was around the corner. The oldest boy’s name was NORTH, the younger brother, RILEY. RILEY had been shot, his left pinky and ring fingers were missing, and his hand patched up with shoddy bandage. MAX took NORTH’s pistol, to the teen’s chagrin.

The boys told the group that an insane old man had shot off RILEY’s fingers when they encroached upon his property. They asked the group to help them get revenge on the man and take his weapons cache, if they would join them. The party rejected the boys’ suggestion. Before they could pilfer the hardware store, six walking dead came out of the nearby woods to attack the group. The six were dispatched, but CAMERON was wounded in the fight, and MAX accidentally struck NORTH in the left wrist with his katana, cutting into the bone!

E03 “Blue-on-blue”

NORTH is in deep pain and hysterical, yelling at MAX for his mistake. MAX fails to console the child, but JOAN is able to calm him slightly. MAX and JOAN raid the hardware store, and find some tools, gasoline, and supplies to patch up and stint NORTH’s wound. A couple bear traps are inside, and MAX triggers both, one a near miss. A chain is fed into the ‘employees only’ room beneath the door. Strange sounds emanate from this backroom, but they stop just before JOAN peeks beneath the door to find a floor futon and a pair of empty boots.

JOAN and MAX leave, and MAX listens in on the outside. A gate is heard crashing from within followed by more thumping sounds and the clanking of chains —the register area closing gate. MAX doesn’t risk finding out what triggered the gate.

RICHIE gets the idea to help NORTH and RILEY after the incident, using the radio to contact the crazy old veteran who shot off RILEY’s fingers. RICHIE arranges a meeting with the man on ambiguous terms, lying to the veteran that they are a government agency to gain his trust. Everyone formulates an approach and the party leaves, westbound for the town center.

When the group drove into the Fairville towncenter, they witnessed gaslights go off in a bar as they passed through, indicating that someone may be inside. They notice more farmhouses nearby. They continue to the old vet’s house.

When the party gets sight of the old man’s house. It is heavily reinforced and the expansive yard is outfitted with traps that look like tank stoppers, some of these have caught walkers, which growl as they lay helplessly impaled on the stakes. RICHIE contacts the old man again, telling him of their approach. MAX, RICHIE, JUKKO, and the boys move up in the truck to the edge of the driveway, while JOAN, KALEN, and CAMERON in the getaway van at the edge of the woods.

The old man is on his second story balcony, which is camouflaged for concealment. When he steps out into plain sight, the group notes the whites of his eyes and strange tics. The man makes a deranged offer for the boys, NORTH and RILEY, in exchange for a couple firearms so the group can be on their way with their “mission”. The group hesitates, not willing to give up the boys for his sick sense of justice. The vet points a scoped Ruger mini rifle at them, and the group are sitting ducks.

The old man yells for them to start walking.

Once at the house, the old man tells the group to have the boys pull off one of the boards on his windows, and step inside, being mindful of the many “traps” he has arranged inside. When he hears the boys shut the window behind them, he would toss down a couple firearms. But the boys are injured, RICHIE tells him. They cannot be expected to crank off the board. NORTH and RILEY show their hands, and the old man reluctantly agrees. So he tells RICHIE to do it…

RICHIE slowly approaches the window, and finds the hammer on the porch to take out the nails. He approaches the window, but instead of taking the board off, he yells that the undead are storming the man’s house. RICHIE attempts guile but his antics only startle the veteran, and he pulls the trigger on his mini-14 and fires a round deep into JUKKO’s gut dealing maximum damage. JUKKO goes down instantly with a serious wound and a gunfight suddenly breaks out.

Quick thinking on MAX’s part —the ex-cop fires a round of his own into the old vet, landing solid in his chest and dropping him immediately. The man reels and yells crazed obscenities. MAX props RICHIE up onto the balcony and RICHIE stands over the man, who still squirms and yells. RICHIE fires a round into the man’s chest, which lays him to rest.

The boys are hoisted up onto the balcony to help RICHIE gather supplies and get off of the ground —it’s getting dark as the sun sets behind the treeline behind the house. They find some old first aid supplies and a week’s worth of food for one person. And then they open the balcony door. A putrid smell of rotten flesh washes over them, coming from inside. RILEY and RICHIE lose their guts, vomiting profusely.

NORTH stands over the downed man, looking angry and vengeful. He takes the man’s boot knife out of its sheathe and then lunges to plunge the knife into the man’s head, but before he strikes, the old man reanimates! RICHIE nor MAX inflicted a head injury, and the corpse of the man was left too long. The zombified veteran pulls NORTH in, dislocating the boy’s arm. RICHIE turns around and fires a startled shot into NORTH’s head on accident! NORTH is slain instantly and the undead vet takes a huge bite out of the deceased NORTH’s neck.

RILEY is hysterical, and grabs for RICHIE’s gun, unsuccessfully. RICHIE fires another shot out of startled nerves, and RILEY loses his footing. The creature rises and lunges for RICHIE, who attempts to evade and falls prone. On his back RICHIE gets an extremely lucky headshot and slays the monster with one round. When RICHIE falls back to the floor in shock, he notices that the pistol had jammed.


E00: "Unsafe as Houses"
The group prepares to leave the dead-end farmhouse.

[This session started late and was a short one]

The party receives a short wave radio transmission urging survivors to head to the Richmond International Airport for evac. Jukko does a morning routine jog outside the perimeter of the farmhouse, which attracts a cluster of starved biters onto the porch. They break through the living room window, and are put down by Max. Göring sits quietly in the dining room when several transmissions arrive from a livid man who claimed to be a Korean War veteran, who urges some unnamed boys to stay clear of his property. Göring shuts the radio off after the irate man continues making threats of violence.

The rest gather at the porch to fend off the remaining undead and dispute over their next step. Joan hears a truck drive southbound down the rural road outside, in the direction of the hardware and grocery stores Richie mentioned. One taillight on the truck was out.

Joan insists the group search the corn silo across the road, which they eventually do. The door is padlocked with a rusty chain. Max attempts to break the chain but when that fails, he breaks the dilapidated door hinges. Some of the stock inside is salvageable, maybe for bird feed. Joan attempts to climb up the interior of the silo to get to a good vantage point, but reaches a broken section of the ladder halfway up. She is unable to reach the upper intact ladder rungs without risking a fall, so she climbs back down.

The group take the corn to the house and plan to leave to search the rest of the town.


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