One-offs & Mini Campaigns

E00: "Unsafe as Houses"

The group prepares to leave the dead-end farmhouse.

[This session started late and was a short one]

The party receives a short wave radio transmission urging survivors to head to the Richmond International Airport for evac. Jukko does a morning routine jog outside the perimeter of the farmhouse, which attracts a cluster of starved biters onto the porch. They break through the living room window, and are put down by Max. Göring sits quietly in the dining room when several transmissions arrive from a livid man who claimed to be a Korean War veteran, who urges some unnamed boys to stay clear of his property. Göring shuts the radio off after the irate man continues making threats of violence.

The rest gather at the porch to fend off the remaining undead and dispute over their next step. Joan hears a truck drive southbound down the rural road outside, in the direction of the hardware and grocery stores Richie mentioned. One taillight on the truck was out.

Joan insists the group search the corn silo across the road, which they eventually do. The door is padlocked with a rusty chain. Max attempts to break the chain but when that fails, he breaks the dilapidated door hinges. Some of the stock inside is salvageable, maybe for bird feed. Joan attempts to climb up the interior of the silo to get to a good vantage point, but reaches a broken section of the ladder halfway up. She is unable to reach the upper intact ladder rungs without risking a fall, so she climbs back down.

The group take the corn to the house and plan to leave to search the rest of the town.



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